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Trust the Testimonial

It's All In the Trust

During the span of your professional career, you and I have been asked to provide a recommendation for someone that has helped or completed a job for you whether it be on the many internet social platforms in existence such as Yelp or LinkedIn to name a couple.  The issue we face when writing a recommendation (or testimonial), is that we find ourselves trapped in a black hole stuck with nothing but a mediocre testimonial.  Perhaps we feel forced with hesitation on what to say.  This is unfortunate because testimonials are one of the most powerful tools we have to market our business.

We should not have to feel this way.  You've done all the research and background investigations necessary to hire that individual.  It is also likely you met with that person one on one before hand to learn about their business, what they can do for you, their rates, background and education, and gathered other client testimonials as well.  You gave them the job, the job was completed and you are a very happy customer.  The trust is built, it is ever present and that is all you need!

The 3 "K's"

Make your client testimonials stand out.  When a potential client reads one, this is the opportunity to give them the solid proof they are legit.  Here are three simple pieces of advice that can hopefully eliminate your hesitation or fear of writing a testimonial:

  1. Keep it Short. Reading a testimonial more than a minute can lose its luster.  Keep it short, keep it simple.

  2. Keep it Real. Do not write a testimonial anonymously.  Be a real person and be honest.  Otherwise this defeats the purpose of building and obtaining trust.

  3. "Kontain" to Specifics. All you need to mention is what was worked on, the value of the service given, and what made that individual stand out or make them different from the rest of them in the business.  This is the ultimate proof that they are "The One" for the job!


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