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I’ve been with EBBE for 2 years and couldn’t ask for a better networking group. I was new to California and working hard to build my business in the area and EBBE has made this possible. The support I receive both professionally and personally is amazing. My business is relationship based and each member takes the approach of personally investing in each business in the group. It’s not about just showing up and getting business. It’s about helping others to build their business. I’m extremely thankful I found this group.

A great team of professionals who have become friends. Very positive and supportive. EBBE helps you company grow and prosper.

Such a wonderful group! I was apart of this group for almost a year and sadly had to leave. After a couple years, they welcomed me back with open arms. EBBE has brought be some good potential clients to successfully build my family law practice.

I have been a member of East Bay Business Exchange for over 2 years and it has truly changes my life and my business. I not only get to build longterm relationships, but I get great referrals.

Alexa Chillian, D.C.

LIV Chiropractic Center

I’ve been in this group a short while and really enjoy it. The group has good energy as well as everyone is honest and people have good connections. I look forward to the possibilities for the future.

Art Lotti

Junk It Move It

I have been a member for almost 2 years and I have definitely grown not just my clientele, but personally as well. This group has a bunch of fun, friendly people, it provides learning, professional feed-back, and growth in a positive environment.

East Bay Business Exchange is a great place to make new connections and grow your business. One of the things that makes our group great, is that we take the time to get to know each other on a business and personal level. This creates a deep desire to help the other members of the group. We are a very welcoming group who genuinely want to see everyone succeed in life and in business. We also have a lot of fun doing it. The relationships and support of my fellow members has increased my business by 20% on a yearly basis.

Mike Continnillo

Villa Properties

I’ve been a member of this group since it started six years ago and it’s been amazing. We’ve been so lucky to have top level business professionals join and help grow business for so many that some people have left because they’ve grown that much! If you want to grow come check us out!

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