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About East Bay Business Exchange

We are a local referral group of business owners and professionals.  We meet weekly in San Ramon with the goal of helping each other grow our businesses through warm referrals. Members in our group represent different professions (offers different products / services) but frequently sell to the same market. As a result of this common market focus and community referral commitment, our members help drive business to one another.

The East Bay Business Exchange was founded in 2013. Membership in the group is limited to one person per profession. If a new member applicant provides similar services to a current member; it will be up to the member and the leadership team to determine if the services provided conflict or not. If the services prove to be complimentary then membership of the applicant will be approved. If it is decided that there is a conflict, the applicant will not be able to join.

If you are interested in learning more about our group, contact us to schedule a visit.


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