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The Four Ways to Promote Your Business in a Referral Network

Promoting your business at times may seem challenging and, honestly, intimidating. However, your business referral network can help your efforts and make it easier.

Here are four ways to promote your business to your business networking group.

1. Tell a story

One of the best things you can do to promote your business in a referral network is to tell a story. Stating facts provides information, but telling a story combines those facts with an emotional side that encourages action and is memorable.

When you're using a story to promote your business through a referral network, focus on showing how your service or product can help others achieve their goals.

2. Offer a member promotion

Members of your referral network need to get to know you and your service. One way to encourage this behavior is to offer a promotion strictly for your fellow members. This gives you the opportunity to provide your product or service at an exclusive member rate while gaining trust and converting them to promoters of your company.

It's important to make sure you're offering a member promotion at a rate that makes financial sense for your business.

3. Have 1:1 meetings

If you want to gain the most out of your referral network, networking with your fellow members is important. Scheduling regular one-to-one meetings give you an opportunity to build solid business relationships with your fellow members. Building relationships is not selling. It is an opportunity to learn how you can mutually support your colleagues by understanding their process, goals, and service at a deeper level.

4. Be an active participant

Of course, one of the most important parts of being in a referral network is being an active participant. Make sure you attend your regularly scheduled meetings, listen and engage. You'll learn what your fellow members need and how they can help. For example, if someone is looking for a referral to a particular profession, you may be able to make an introduction. That introduction may turn into business for him/her or may provide help. In either scenario, your active participation will be remembered and appreciated.

Promoting your business is a lot of work, but a referral network is a tool to help make it easier.


Start building your network today by attending a meeting! East Bay Business Exchange is a local referral group of business owners and professionals. We meet every Wednesday at 8:30 am. Our mission is to help each other’s business grow.


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