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Why Your Business Needs More Storytelling

This week, East Bay Business Exchange Member and Filmmaker, Barrett Rodda shared his story and why businesses need more storytelling.


If you’re a business owner, chances are your journey to becoming a business owner was not smooth. When we start businesses for the very first time, it is done with many guidelines and advice to follow. Till recently, much of the advice has been to sell yourself and sell your service/product…like everyone else.

Meet Barrett Rodda, filmmaker, and expert storyteller. Barrett shared how Rodda Films (soon to be Rising Tide Studios) came into existence and how it is transforming and disrupting his industry. Disruption – a key concept and approach Rodda employs. Rodda digs deep to uncover his client’s story. He goes through an in-depth discovery process that unearths the underlying motivation that sparked and fuels his client’s passion. It is his interview-style questions that guide him and his client’s to produce films that truly speak to their targeted audience and create unique messaging that connects.

East Bay Business Exchange is a networking referral group helping local businesses thrive. The group meets every Wednesday at 8:30 am PST. All meetings are currently held online via Zoom. The best way to learn more is to attend our next meeting.


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