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How Local Businesses Gain the Most from Referral Networks

Referral networks are a great way for local businesses to meet other professionals and build powerful partnerships. Referral networks provide long-term benefits for their members. But how can business owners make the most of a referral network membership? Below are three ways local business owners can make the best use of their business referral network membership.

  1. Attendance is key Be present! Not only will you learn from your meetings, but your fellow members will begin to get to know you. And they'll be more likely to build relationships with a consistent and present leader.

  2. Be open to opportunities Expand your comfort zone. While every opportunity might not be best for you and your business, referral networks are a great way to step out of your comfort zone in a supportive and open environment.

  3. Focus on genuine connections Having the same conversations, asking the same questions (or not asking any!) with everyone is not genuine. Do some research and learn how to have a great one-to-one meeting.

Many opportunities with referral networks

There are many advantages to finding a strong referral network. But it's how you use the network that counts.


Start building your network today by attending a meeting! East Bay Business Exchange is a local referral group of business owners and professionals. We meet every Wednesday at 8:30 am. Our mission is to help each other’s business grow.

Contact East Bay Business Exchange today to learn more about our networking group.


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