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Power of the Positive

What is normally your typical response to someone when  they ask you, “How are you doing today?”  Here are some common answers that are heard and I too, am guilty of responding in this manner myself:

  • “I’m tired”

  • “I’m hungry”

  • “Oh man, I’m so crazy busy.  I have no time”

  • “Just getting old”

  • “I think I failed”

  • “I’m so hung over”

Negative attitudes or responses can rub off on others and spread like wildfire.  On the other hand, being positive has an adverse, yet beneficial effects.

In application, one of the biggest ways negativity comes across is within your words, your body language and demeanor.  As a business owner, it is important to understand that positive words may seem trivial, but they have the absolute power for success not only in the operation of your business, but meeting new clients, good employee moral, and just overall goodwill.

Rather than saying you are tired, you may want to say, “I’m looking forward to a nap!”  Instead of focusing on what you failed at, think about what you learned in the process, perhaps even mention what you would have done differently in the event there is a next time.

With this mind, actively responding in the positive will guarantee to frame a potential negative situation in a more positive light!

By Jennifer Navalle April 20, 2016

Source: Richard Branson, CEO - Virgin Group


  • “The Dead Man’s Rule” – Center your phrases or commands by eliminating the, “No” and “Don’t”

  • In re: EBBE Meetings – Attitudes and body language while in attendance can reflect how we feel about the group to our guests.


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