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Meet Jennifer Lampe - Your Mortgage Advisor

Who am I?

For over two decades, I’ve been building a reputation within the lending industry for my innovative thinking, cutting-edge method to the ever-changing real estate market, and unwavering integrity.

With a relationship based approach, I’m able to truly advise my clients on products that fit their unique lending needs and financial goals. This creates the comfort of being protected and the peace of mind in knowing they have the best lending products available.

Who can I help? If you hear someone say….

“I’m not sure if my current mortgage is the best available” “I want to buy a home, but I own a small business” “I can’t find a lender who can close on-time” “I dread doing another home loan”

“I just divorced my husband and he’s still on the home loan” “I love my house but wish I could change my kitchen” “I wish I could own a house with a pool” “I’m scared of my adjustable loan”

“I just graduated college and want a plan to buy in the future” “I want to pay off my house sooner than later” “I’m retired and can’t afford my mortgage payment” “With my credit, there is no way I can buy a house”

How can they contact me?

Jennifer A Lampe Licensed Mortgage Advisor Website –


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