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How Graphic Design Helps Businesses Attract Leads

When it comes to graphic design and lead generation, do you consider the user experience? Do you think about how potential clients visiting your website take the next step to calling you, filling out a form, or placing an order?

These are important things to consider when it comes to your website design. It is often referred to as the buyer's journey and your job (or that of your graphic designer) is to think about the process your prospect takes to become a customer. Have you ever landed on a website only to quickly close it out of frustration? Chances are the path wasn't clear for you. It wasn't easy for you to navigate. The right design choices and path help make a prospect's interaction with your website clear and easy.

I like to focus on the CTA or Calls-To-Action. The CTA clearly states the action a visitor should take. It directs them to landing page keeping them focused on the desired action and then directs them to a thank you page that confirms their decision and gives you (the business owner) a chance to follow-up and further develop the relationship.

Take a look at your website and see if it is clear to you what your next action should be. If it isn't, it is time for a fresh pair of eyes to review your website and design choices.


Tabitha Middendorf is a member of the East Bay Business Exchange. Click here to learn more about her services and how she may help your business attract more leads.

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