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Legal Shield by Maggie Wulff

East Bay Business Exchange Member, Maggie Wulff, recently shared how Legal Shield services continue to provide protection for individuals and businesses.

LegalShield provides legal protection to people when they need it most. We are in very scary times right now with the Coronavirus outbreak and territory not charted before.

Do you ever wonder where can to turn to relieve some of the stress you are currently experiencing? Maybe you have a pre-existing condition or other matter that keeps you up at night.

In these times, many individuals and families are experiencing stress from:

- Housing matters

- Threat of eviction

- Loss of income

- Concerns about being fired

From unlimited consultation with our attorneys to getting your estate planning done, to a myriad of other services, you can have Peace of Mind through our Legal Protection Services, including 24/7/365 access for legal emergencies.

Our LegalShield attorneys stand ready to serve the legal needs of your business as well, where you can expect unparalleled response time with the challenges you face.

Here are some common questions our business members are getting answered.

- How do I balance my rights and my employees’ rights while keeping my business afloat?

- How can I fight the economic impact of Cornonavirus?

- Are there any specific legal steps I can take to protect my business from sharp downturns in demand?

Whether you need business law advice, policy documents reviewed or you need a lawyer to write letters on your behalf, there is no more cost effective way to get the legal help you need than becoming a member of LegalShield.


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