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To Your Health in 2021

Last month EBBE member and local business owner, Lori Hill of CrossFit San Ramon, presented her physical fitness journey into the world of CrossFit. We learned more about her drive, passion, and the CrossFit community.

Below are highlights of her presentation:

What are the top 3 myths of CrossFit?

CrossFit is for Elite Athletes

This one makes me laugh. CrossFit is for everyone. It is a well-balanced high-intensity workout with strength training. Are there elite athletes? Of course, there are but you know what? They each had a starting point as well.

CrossFit makes women Bulk-up

No. No, it doesn’t. Our coaches work with you to help you attain your specific goal. If you’re a woman that wants to bulk up, plan on spending 2+ hours a day 5+ days a week, and a very specific nutrition plan.

If you have any previous injuries or are over the age of 40, CrossFit is not for you.

I started my journey after 40 and many of my clients start after 40. In fact, in our gym, the oldest member to being a CrossFit program was 68, he’s now 74 and still going strong! We have 3 members 70+ and they all train 3 days a week, they’ve not missed a beat!

Can you describe the nonprofit work CFSR supports?

We have two nonprofits we actively support. First is Fortified Strength and the second one is Sneakers4Funds. Both organizations strive to provide positive solutions for change.

Fortified Strength is near and dear to our hearts as it is the non-profit that has made CFSR their home. Our equipment rental program helps fund them as well. Fortified Strength is about the belief that strength sports help develop social, emotional, and mental strength which helps our youth combat delinquency. It provides a positively strong outlet. :)

Sneakers4Funds is an organization that recycles and repurposes old athletic shoes. CrossFitters, like everyone else, love their shoes and they have plenty of old ones that can be reused instead of filling up a landfill.

What is new with CrossFit San Ramon for 2021?

For the New Year we will be offering three packages:

  • Free Intro Session,

  • Personal Training packages for new clients will be 10% off,

  • Health Coaching Services with Lori - Pricing varies upon specific needs.


Lori Hill is an active member of East Bay Business Exchange. EBBE is a business networking group, whose aim is to help each other grow through business to business referrals. Attend the next meeting of East Bay Business Exchange and discover our group.


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