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Legal Shield by Maggie Wulff

Who We Are

LegalShield is a pioneer in providing legal plans for over 45 years. LegalShield has made smart legal coverage simple - in the form of accessible, affordable, full-service coverage.

A Team of Lawyers

LegalShield has a network of dedicated law firms in 50 States. Our seasoned lawyers have an average of 22 years' experience. We also provide legal and identity theft coverage in Canada and the UK.

Painting a Picture of Usage

An unexpected family member deceases. You're appointed Executor. You need help carrying out your duties.

You're a small business owner with employees. You periodically have HR questions regarding employee situations.

You own real estate and in the middle of selling the rental property, you need help removing a difficult tenant.

You've been alerted that someone is selling your personal information on the Black Web. What do you do? How much could you be harmed by this identity theft?

Why LegalShield

LegalShield gives you peace of mind to know if you have legal questions about anything or you have a legal concern, the answers are just a phone call away @ 925-367-7270.

Legal Shield


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