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Hi, your low back called, and it is not happy!


Due to the Shelter in Place order regarding covid-19, many of us now must work remotely in a situation that is not ideal due to poor ergonomics, increasing sore/tight low back muscles, and sciatica concerns.

Did you know that two key factors to relieve low back issues are working on the glutes and hip flexors? Tight muscles may lead to referred pain. Without addressing the underlying issue that pain will not disappear. Massage will reduce muscle knots/adhesions and increase the range of motion. Along with the bodywork you will be provided with stretches and other tips to maintain the results from your massage session.

Your health and wellbeing during these chaotic times are of the highest importance. Although these unprecedented times are trying, relief is on the way. Medical massage is just what the doctor ordered and is available with your primary care provider or chiropractor note. Upon receipt of your note, an appointment will be scheduled, and an online intake form completed with your massage therapist. You must thoroughly read and sign off on the Covid-19 prescreening questionnaire. Your massage therapist will follow strict COVID-19 cleaning procedures for the safety of all clients and themselves. This includes a 30-minute turnover which ensures no clients interact with one another and allows the therapist time to complete the cleaning process.


For a full list of the Covid-19 policy and procedure and to book your

massage today, please call or text Rising Phoenix Massage at (925) 269-7820.


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