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Graphic Design for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey

How effective is your website? Does it attract prospective customers? Does it have an offer for prospective customers to consider? Does that offer lead to a contact form or a customized landing page?

These are questions I consider when working on a graphic design project. Before I begin on any project, I will review a potential client’s website to fully understand their intended audience, brand style, and voice. And, I ask questions to determine the end goal of the project. Is the project intended to increase awareness and drive website traffic? Is the project an offer for prospects to receive in consideration for their contact information? Is the project’s goal to drive conversions?

Designing for Awareness

  • Logo

    • Is it time to rethink your logo? Your logo design should resonate with your company and your audience. It should be recognizable. Logo design starts with researching your industry and understanding the core services that differentiate your business from others.

  • Business Cards

    • Does your business card leave the right impression? Does it make adequate use of white space or is it cluttered with text. Your business card is the first impression you give to potential clients. Make sure your logo is clear and well positioned on the card and choose a typeface that is readable. Also, give thought to the texture of your card. How does it feel in your hand? Is it light and easily bendable? Or is it sturdy?

  • Blog Featured Images

    • Does your blog have a featured image that is relevant? I recommend choosing images that reinforce the topic. Be sure to create sizes that work across all platforms you choose to share your blog post. While the standard square is good, creating images specifically sized for Facebook posts, LinkedIn and Instagram will ensure your image is seen in its entirety on those platforms as opposed to looking cropped.

Designing for Consideration

  • Ebooks

    • If you have five or more blog posts you’ve written and published, consider compiling those into a downloadable ebook!

  • Checklists

    • If you have a process you share with clients, consider writing it in the form of a checklist and offering it on your website.

  • FAQs

    • If you find yourself always answering the same questions over and over again, consider creating a short FAQ post or download.

Designing for Conversion

  • Buy Now offers

    • Be sure to create an image for each ad set. One Google Banner Ad won’t work for all social media ads.

Designing for every stage of the buyer’s journey creates a better user experience and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your potential buyer. Design is subjective which is why it is important to always A/B test creative assets to determine which design resonates with your target audience and achieves your business goal.

Contact me to discuss your next graphic design project.


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