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Matthew Sheridan

Business Performance Advisor


My passion is working with CEOs and their leadership teams to help them focus more on their business and less on everyday distractions.
I believe employees are key to a company's success and their level of engagement is the driver in taking a company to the next level.

My clients partner to streamline their operations, reduce and manage their employment related risk, and to help them ultimately become or stay an employer of choice. Insperity is different than any other players in the PEO space (Professional Employer Organization) as we support our clients not only with the tactical parts of HR, but also with the strategic. We assist with Human Capital Strategy, Succession Planning, Training and Development, Performance Management, Change Management, Mission Vision Values to name a few. In short, we bring big company resources and infrastructure to small and mid-sized businesses for a fraction of the cost.

My background stems from mortgage, finance, and the service sales industry providing a wide array of understanding across multiple markets.


Tel: (925) 287-4909

M: (714) 803-8795

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